Current version: 0.37 (released: 2010-09-20)

Click to install! Maemopad+ is a personal, tree-based notes application in the spirit of Treepad. This is not a port, but an application specifically designed and optimized for the Maemo platform and the Nokia Internet Tablets.

Advanced features include a fast SQLite3-based database for data storage, a pressure-sensitive sketch widget and a GUI specifically designed for the small screen of the Internet Tablets.

Status / Future Development

Update 2010-09-20:
A small bug has been found when renaming the "My first node" node after creating a new file. Thanks to silvermountain on the forums for reporting this bug. It has been fixed in the latest release (version 0.37), and packages will be available in the Maemo Extras repository shortly.

Maemopad+ for OS2008 is considered stable. No new features will be added, although patches for new features are gladly accepted. Translation updates and additions are also gladly accepted.

The port to Maemo 5 (MaePad) is considered the successor of Maemopad+, and we hope to bring MaePad to N800 and N810 users when Mer is released (MaePad depends on Hildon 2.2, which is only available in Fremantle at the moment).

Desktop Port

Thomas has done a preliminary port of MaemoPad+ to the Linux Desktop. The code for this is available in the desktop branch in the Git repository.

Packages for Ubuntu are available in the MaemoPad+ PPA.



Get the source

You can checkout the source code via Git:

git clone git://


About Maemopad+

Maemopad+ was initially written and maintained by Kemal Hadimli from 2006-2008 and has been maintained and developed by Thomas Perl since 2008.

Last updated: 2010-09-20 by Thomas Perl